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PPE's and Deposits

Please read and review this agreement carefully. This agreement will be upheld by RwC fully, unless otherwise discussed.

In order to PPE a horse with us a $1000 or 15% deposit is required ( which ever is greater) to hold the horse for the PPE. During this time the horse will remain listed , but won't be sold to anyone else.

 Three hours maximum is allotted for a PPE on horses priced at $25,000 and under. After 3 hours the buyer will be billed at $50 an hour, rounded up to every half hour for the seller's time. Horses priced from $26,000 to $50,000 are allotted up to 5 hours for a PPE. After that the buyer will be billed $50 an hour for buyers time. 

We do not offer trials. 

If the horse is not purchased after a PPE the buyer must pay the seller, or the hauler per horse at $50 trip fee plus $1.50 loaded mile for having hauled the horse(s) to the vet for buyer. This must be paid out of the deposit. Buyer's have 48 hours after PPE to move forward with the sale before the horse moves on to the next buyer. If the PPE was done on a Friday, we can allow until the following Monday at 5pm for your vet to review findings. 

If the buyer uses credit card or debit card for the deposit there will be a 3.75% fee added. This fee is what the credit/debit card company takes to use their system. If the deposit is refunded , this fee will not be refundable with the deposit.

Buyers must provide proof that the horse didn't pass a PPE. Proof would include the PPE report, with any additional diagnoses work done, to provide proof of the unsoundness.

If a buyer is told previously that the horse will not pass a vet check, and the buyer goes forward with a PPE then deposit is forfeited, unless a full work up is done to prove that the horse will not work for the current level of the buyer's needs. The PPE must be released and made available before the deposit can be released back to the buyer.

All deposits are non-refundable outside of the circumstances listed above. The horse must be vetted within ten days of deposit. The deposit is only refundable if the horse fails the PPE and the paperwork is released to the seller as proof. All PPE's are done through one of the top sport horse vets in the PNW, Oakhurst. 

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