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First I want to say how much we love Crystal!! ~ Melissa Stewart

First I want to say how much we love Crystal!! My kids have been riding with Crysta since September 2020! This has been the best therapy for my soon to be 15 year olds! Since riding my daughters grades went from failing to a 4.0 and they are freshman in high school! Their attitude has also changed in a good way! Crysta I feel like I need to thank you for this amazing transformation on my girls!! I highly recommend Riding with class!! Love you Crysta!!

Crysta was so extremely helpful~ Sheila Jones

Crysta was so extremely helpful in answering all my questions when I was thinking about buying my new mare Freya from her. She was so patient with my one million questions and she was so helpful and went above and beyond when I finally did purchase her. Crysta helped me every step of the way and made it a very wonderful experience for both Freya and me. She took care of all the details to have Freya shipped safely to me across the USA, and even gave her a pretty new halter and lead. I greatly appreciated her honesty and care in every detail.

Crysta is incredibly honest and easy to work with.~ Stephanie Walker

Crysta is incredibly honest and easy to work with I had never bought a horse sight unseen before, but Crysta made sure to answer all my questions and sent me tons of videos and pictures so I felt like I could really know the horse. With so many dishonest people in the horse world, Crysta is like a breath of fresh air. She told me all of the quirks and issues my horse had so I knew exactly what I was getting. I got an amazing horse from her and I couldn't be happier.

We had an excellent buying experience with Crysta! ~ Brittnay Massey

We had an excellent buying experience with Crysta! The mare a client bought from her came as described and we love her!! Thank you Crysta!!

Love, love, love ❤️ Crysta! ~ Mandy Cracknell

Love, love, love ❤️ Crysta! She’s the best trainer in town! My daughter has grown so much as a rider and as a person. Learning how to handle the pressures of riding a horse with its unique personality has taught her patience and perseverance. Crysta is incredible with the horses. She knows them so well. And she shares her knowledge with her students. My daughter has learned more than we could have hoped for in a short amount of time. Crysta knows what she is doing!

The horses are well cared for which is important to me. We feel good supporting the barn with the very affordable lesson packages. I just can’t say enough good things about Crysta!!

Crysta is amazing! She is so welcoming and real ~ Paige Walker

Crysta is amazing! She is so welcoming and real, which is refreshing! You instantly feel comfortable with her knowledge and expertise on dressage and horse jumping. From day one she was up front with us about our daughter’s skill level. Because of Crysta my daughter Anna went to her first ever competition, and it would have never been possible without Crysta’s encouragement, and support for us parents and our daughter. I would definitely recommend Crysta for any rider’s skill level.

She pushes you to be the best you can be and is very encouraging about it~ Katey McLean

I started riding with Crysta back in April. I was just getting back into the saddle after a couple years off and my confidence was low and I was not at all in shape. I have been leasing one of her wonderful horses and taking weekly lessons with her and in this short amount of time my confidence has grown so much and I feel stronger and more in shape everyday. I highly recommend Crysta. She is extremely knowledgeable and her teaching style is wonderful. She pushes you to be the best you can be and is very encouraging about it. Her no nonsense, non judgemental attitude seems to attract the same kind of people as everyone I have met and ridden with at her barn have been absolute pleasures. I can't say enough good things about her and her business; she truly cares about her riders and her horses and wants the best for both.

Crysta is incredibly honest and easy to work with.~ Stephanie Parker

Crysta is incredibly honest and easy to work with. I had never bought a horse sight unseen before, but Crysta made sure to answer all my questions and sent me tons of videos and pictures so I felt like I could really know the horse. With so many dishonest people in the horse world, Crysta is like a breath of fresh air. She told me all of the quirks and issues my horse had so I knew exactly what I was getting. I got an amazing horse from her and I couldn't be happier.

We couldn't be happier with the service provided by Crysta and Riding with Class. ~ Kim Cathcart

We couldn't be happier with the service provided by Crysta and Riding with Class. She sold our huge full-draft gelding via consignment to a great home, sight unseen, and arranged transport to his new home. His forever owners are as happy as we are! Crysta has accurate knowledge of the sales market for a wide variety of horses, communicates honestly with both parties, and recognizes a great fit for each horse. Crysta juggles her entire business by herself (breeding, sales, training, lessons, showing); you may need to be a little patient if something urgent comes up, but Crysta will ALWAYS follow through with her commitments and will communicate with you as soon as possible. Would utilize Crysta again with full confidence.

Thank you for making my long time dream a reality~ Rebeka Scarola

When my mare was proving difficult to breed, Crysta loaned me an OTTB mare of hers to use for breeding. I liked Queenie so much, I ended up just buying her...and of course I am loving my filly from Two Tone Barlink. �Thank you for making my long time dream a reality, I finally get to raise my own all around hunter prospect!

Crysta is an amazing person and trainer and KNOWS what she is doing.~ Rachelle Morrison

I got a message today from Crysta to let me know that my boy has sold. Although this was obviously the end goal, the finality of it brought tears to my eyes. Crysta is an amazing person and trainer and KNOWS what she is doing. I blindly went into this consignment deal trusting someone I barely knew with the care, training, and sale of my boy that was SO VERY important to me. Throughout the last 2 months while Journey has been in her care, I was updated with pictures and videos and progress messages regularly. I think she may have even wanted to keep Journey for herself, he is that very SPECIAL kind of soul that you can't help but fall in love with. Alas, after lots of screening and people trying him on for size, he had the perfect someone come and completely fall head over heals in love. I could not ask for a more perfect connection, and I'm SO appreciative to Crysta for facilitating this new relationship. Eternally grateful for you girl.

I bought my OTTB from Crysta and he is wonderful.~ Katheryn Carnahan

I bought my OTTB from Crysta and he is wonderful. She has a knack for matching people with horses and setting you up for success. He is a beauty - couldn't be happier. She has a lot of gorgeous horses!

She treats them as her own ~ Constance E Fisher

                                                       2009 American Warmblood Society Breeder of the Year

Just wanted to put in a good word to Crysta Awtry. I am a draft cross breeder that has been breeding and selling Clydesdale crosses before they were even popular. I've commissioned Crysta to sell two of my draft crosses. As we all know, the market has really slowed down, but Crysta has taken full advantage of that by continuing their training and making them even more valuable. What's even more pleasing, is that they continue to look as good as when I brought them to her, she treats them as her own, making sure they get the proper vet care and proper nutrition to perform at their best. Crysta has a strong personality that doesn't sit well with some people and she says what she feels, but that's one of the things I like about her. Her love for her daughter is as strong as her love of the horses and it shows. I just want to thank you for going the "extra mile", thank you Crysta.

I highly recommend Riding with Class- Deby Hackney

I've had several horses in training with Crysta over many years. She has always given me more than I expected! I highly recommend Riding with Class for your lessons, sales and training needs!

Shes not only just your trainer but your friend as well. ~ Jessie Thomas

I love Crysta and how she teaches. She comes to the barn with a great big smile and friendly attitude and its obvious she loves what she does! She has great horses to learn on and teaches great lessons. I come out of every lesson having learned something new. Shes not only just your trainer but your friend as well. She is very reasonably priced, very honest and will help you achieve your riding goals whether it is to pleasure ride or compete.

Crysta is aware of what my biggest challenges are and she adjusts her teaching accordingly. ~ Diane Melvill

My oldest daughter has ridden with Crysta for about 18 months. Kendra was riding with another instructor whom we love dearly, but her greatest wish was to get into jumping. She had lofty goals and Crysta listened. She put Kendra on the path she needed to succeed. Kendra is now in her second season of eventing and loves it like nothing else in this world. It's been rough at times, but she can look back and truly appreciate what she has been able to accomplish with Crysta.

My youngest daughter also likes to ride, but just for the fun of it. Lessons are for the most part very relaxed and slow-paced. Crysta tries to challenge her a bit, but is mindful of the times when she just isn't up for it.

I have started riding as well. Crysta is aware of what my biggest challenges are and she adjusts her teaching accordingly.

Crysta now has a great group of students of various ages and skill levels. But...There is always room for more!

Crysta will take total care of them, no matter what, gives me peace of mind. ~ Tiffany Pugh

Crysta has really gone the extra mile for me and the horses I have boarded with her. I travel for a living and knowing Crysta will take total care of them, no matter what, gives me peace of mind.

I love her place and her beautiful horses ~ Gena Tharp

I was invited to Crysta's amazing horse ranch late last fall. I love her place and her beautiful horses. She was a gracious host that did anything we asked of her as a group of us photographed her horses. Crysta know's her business extremely well and I hope to visit again soon.

She gives me the constant feedback ~ Amanda Davis

I have already learned so much in the month or so that I have been taking lessons from Crysta. She gives me the constant feedback during my lessons that I personally need. I also like that she will show me what I need to do when she knows that I'm getting frustrated. I've taken lessons from a couple trainers in the area and Crysta, by far, is the one I have learned the most from and has gotten the most improvement out of me.

She helped me improve as a rider and with my confidence ~ Ashley Carey

Riding With Class is an amazing business and the owner/operator is the most amazing young woman I have ever met. Her work ethic is second to none and her horses are amazing and well behaved. I was nervous about starting lessons with anyone.... My level of riding is not as high as I thought. Crysta didn't falter. She helped me improve as a rider and with my confidence. I would recommend Riding With Class to anyone looking to learn for the first time or to tune up. I know one thing is certain, I will take lessons with Crysta and Riding With Class, for as long as she will let me.

Every time we leave, my daughter is smiling ~ Tish Henselman-Smith

Crysta is great!! My daughter has the basics down, but just needs some fine tuning and more confidence. Crysta gives her that. Every time we leave, my daughter is smiling and talks the whole drive home about how much she loves it. Happy mom!!!

Crysta was super easy to work with and very honest ~ Jill Hoyt

I bought a fantastic TB mare bred mare from Crysta. The mare was bred to Two Tone Barlink and I got a FANTASTIC baby!! Crysta was super easy to work with and very honest in the sale! I have entrusted her with the sale of my favorite APHA mare, and that wouldn't have happened if I didn't have confidence in her abilities.

Crysta Awtry recognizes that every horse is different, and needs a different approach to training and handling. ~ Noley Holland

Working with Crysta Awtry at Riding with Class was one of the most positive and rewarding job experiences I’ve ever had. While I was Crysta’s exercise rider all I saw from her towards horses was great care and handling, I never felt as if she was being unjust to the horse or pushing the horse too far. Crysta Awtry recognizes that every horse is different, and needs a different approach to training and handling. I personally would trust Crysta Awtry with any horse, and I know she could develop him/her into a wonderful working horse.” -Noley Holland

Crysta was a God SEND Angel for me and my associates ~ Donald Moore

To All Who Shall See These Presents Greetings:

I consider myself extremely fortunate the past two years (Breeding Seasons 2011 and 2012) to having Crysta J Awtry, the best breeder/stallion handler/and trainer in Willamette Valley, Oregon. I might add that this opinion is shared with other Equine Enthusiasts with whom I am associated. The manner in which she shouldered her responsibilities and carried out her sensitive duties to ensure my mares breeding were executed at the most optimum time to ensure success in getting them in foal was remarkable and earned for her the admiration and respect of myself and every member of my equine family/team. Crysta’s selfless devotion to her duties, competence, efficiency and professionalism not only resulted in achieving the desire results to get all four of my mares in Safe In Foal but it also mark Crysta as a truly outstanding horsemen and Equine Manager Professional deserving of immediate recognition for her achievements in this regard.

It was extremely important for me to have a Equine Professional with whom I could place in charge of my horses at a breeding facility for extended period of times as I worked outside the State of Oregon and the long distance alone made it impossible for me to provide the daily care myself that my horses needed, required and deserve Crysta was a God SEND Angel for me and my associates of the Coyote Creek Ranch. The difficulties of this business relationship have been compounded by the many hundred miles of distance from the mare owners and breeding professionals and many times even difficult to be contacted by phone due to the remote access coverage areas where we work and reside. I commend Crysta for her tact and diplomacy she displayed in reacting to this situation. Not only did Crysta know how to get things done but time after time through her good judgment and initiative things were done with respect to the health, welfare, and care of my horses before I got around to asking. Crysta saved me a great deal of time not only anticipating the action to be taken but by always being able to understand tasks without the need of lengthy and repetitious explanations. There were many times if it had not been for Crysta’s timely reminders I would have missed or been late late in getting my horses hoof care and other needs attended to in a timely manner. In doing so, Crysta was singularly responsible for all my mares being receiving the best health care possible; none of my mares were ever neglected, none of my mares were ever abused, none of my mares were ever inappropriately or unprofessionally handled during their stay with Crysta. All of my mares were returned to me in Excellent Health, Good Body Weight, absolutely no injuries or illness and with obvious handling that enhanced their gentle and easy going person as.

Crysta’s happy spirit, her helpful and thoughtful attitude towards me and all my associates, interest in her job have done much to make for overall the most pleasant working conditions and experience I have ever had in my over 20 years of horsemanship to date. Crysta’s big smile, infectious laugh and great sense of humor helped the morale of myself and all of my associates.

It give me great pleasure to convey my special thanks, appreciation and gratitude for a job well done! I wish you continued happiness and success in all your future endeavors.

Crysta’s outstanding achievements reflects great credit upon her, the Stallion Ownership of (JJ), the breeding facilities where my mares received their mare care, and Crysta’s entire equine full care breeding team. I would strongly and without reservations recommend Crysta for Equine Professional Appointments and Positions of Higher Responsibilities. If and when I have opportunity to hire an additional full time Equine Care Facility Manager, Crysta will be the very first person I will offer the position do solely to her exemplary care she provide to my mares while in her care and her resourcefulness, devotion, dedication and extensive knowledge of the Science Equine Science makes her a invaluable asset to any equine program.

I offer this letter and testimony of Free Will, Unimpeachable, without expectation of favor(s) or compensation as Man and Equine Professional of Sound Mind and Judgment and Owner of and Operator of Three Major Equine Facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Given this Date, September 17, 2012 UNDER MY HAND FREELY,


Owner and Doing Business Throughout the Pacific Northwest

Crysta puts heart and soul into each lesson. ~ George Turner

Last Winter my wife and I decided to spend time learning what we can about horses and horsemanship. Along the way, we’ve met many interesting, professional, caring and knowledgable people.

Upon deciding to investigate leasing horses, our journey led us to Lakeview Stables, and a group of people anyone would be pleased to be associated with. We took a partial lease of two horses with the trainer there, Crysta Awtry. This has proven to be a very good decision for us. Crysta includes a lesson a week with the lease, and she puts heart and soul into each lesson. She delivers, both horses and lessons, and she is good at what she does.

The ultimate bonus for us is that leasing from Crysta offers us, as “non-members” of the horse community, the privilege of developing a relationship with a specific horse–and at the same time, a better understanding of “horsemanship” in general. As I’ve indicated, we are pleased with our connection to Riding with Class and to Crysta Awtry.

North Star found her forever home! Thanks to Wendy Krebs!

 It is refreshing to finally meet a trainer that has our best interest in mind ~ K. Robinson

My family and I have been training with Crysta Awtry for over a year. We first met her when we brought our 4 y.o. half arab mare to be started under saddle for my daughter to ride. We knew she was just to much for us to start on our own, like we had done with our other’s. To our satisfaction within 60 days my daughter was able to ride her. She was safe, sweet, and easy to ride.

To date Crysta has started two of my mares, finished a third mare, and even helped us find the right horse for my daughter at a great price. We have been in the horse industry now for over 10 years, thru 4h, pony club, OHSET and now breed shows. It is refreshing to finally meet a trainer that has our best interest in mind. We didn’t need a fancy trailer, over priced horses to feel welcomed here. Keep up the good work! Go team!

K. Robinson.

Crysta has focused each lesson on one nuanced skill to improve my riding and my communication with the horse~ Kim Sherman

I’ve been riding horses regularly since I was 14 and finally decided, at 51, that I should take lessons. I found Crysta through her Craigslist ad to lease a horse, lessons included. As my own horse is 31 now, I thought this would perfect – I could ride a horse, but wouldn’t need to house her on my place. And I could take lessons, and maybe overcome the fear I’ve always had when riding. I’ve always felt a little off-balance. Within the first 10 minutes of my first lesson, with just a simple “lean back and sit down in the saddle” Crysta changed everything for me. I immediately felt the balance I knew had been missing in my riding. Since then, Crysta has focused each lesson on one nuanced skill to improve my riding and my communication with the horse, while reminding me of each skill from earlier lessons. I highly recommend Crysta as a riding coach! Kim Sherman, PhD University of Oregon

I couldn’t love her more!

Here is a picture of Cindi a VERY satisfied client. Who back in the spring of 2011 bought a big mustang mare named Mia from us. Here they are enjoying the view!

Her advice was spot on ~Mare Stern

I have known Crysta Awtry through a mutual acquaintance for several years. I had followed her success with several horses I had met in person. I was also a recipient of her newsletter and casual visitor to her website.

Earlier this year, I contacted Crysta for some advice on marketing my horses because I was aware of her talent for doing so. Despite the fact both my partner and I have business degrees and are Internet savvy, we were missing the boat with our horses. Crysta kindly gave me two hours of her time, and helped me rethink the presentation and pricing of my horses. Her advice was spot on and traffic to our website increased dramatically and despite the tough economy, we have a sale pending.

In person, Crysta was very professional and we had the opportunity to see a Georgia Grande filly she had been working with. I was impressed by how steady, kind, and well-behaved the filly was. This filly was in great condition—glossy and in perfect shape. The filly loaded fearlessly, picked up her hooves (which were in excellent shape) without a fuss and generally made me wish I could purchase her!

Crysta met our horses and ended up purchasing two. She paid promptly and followed-up with a ‘thank you’ note and pictures of the horses in their new home. Crysta has encouraged us to follow their progress and we have a standing invitation to visit.

We have already decided to use Crysta to start one of our horses in the spring. Depending upon the economy, we may ask her to represent one of our stallions, too. We know it take a special trainer to handle stallions, and Crysta has that skill set and so much more.

In closing, we have found Crysta to be professional, talented, trustworthy, and generous. We would highly recommend her without reservation if you need a trainer, stallion manager, or professional advice on marketing your horses in a difficult economy.

You may call or write if you have any further questions about Crysta that we can answer. or 503-556-2282


Mare Stern

Jolly Roger Sport Horses

Crysta was nothing but professional~ B. Frazeur

My wife and I recently took our mare down to be bred to Two Toned Barlink for 2012 foal, Crysta was nothing but professional, gave Derby the best of care, her stallion covered her beautifully and she was home within a week and half. We are already booked for the rebreeding on the next heat! The facilities were in tip top shape and beautiful!

Thank you Crysta!

B. Frazeur

Crysta obviously knows the horses she works with well ~ Rachel of Portland, Oregon

I recently purchased a mare from Crysta. I was looking for a training project to start undersaddle. She had a few horses available, after discussing with her what I was looking for in a horse she recomended one that she thought would be a good match. Crysta obviously knows the horses she works with well and was honest and upfront about showing me what the mare was like to handle and what she needed work on. The buying transaction was smooth. I was unable to pick up the mare on my own and Crysta willingly delivered the mare to me, which made things much easier. I had a great buying experience with Crysta and am very happy with the horse I purchased, the mare is exactly what I was looking for!

Thank you!


I was a bit nervous using a Salem trainer, as I am from Sandy…The first time I met Crysta, I was instantly at ease.

Boo is my dream horse. I jokingly say that I was there at his conception that I was there before we knew who Boo would even be. I have always wanted and loved him. When he was born he was so long legged I just knew he would be a big horse! Though I truly had no clue JUST how big he would turn out to be! As he grew bigger, and his legs grew longer, he started to turn into a big huge scaredy cat!!! He suddenly would jump at the littlest things, he became spooky, upset at the slightest thing, nervous and hard to handle. The bigger he grew, so did my concerns about being about to handle him. I knew I was over my head with this one. I just knew I had to get a trainer involved and fast!

I must admit, I was a bit nervous using a Salem trainer, as I am from Sandy, and am a good hour and a half away. I have never been this far away from my Boo and was very nervous to be trusting a stranger with my baby boy.

The first time I met Crysta, I was instantly at ease. My family and I stayed for several hours. Following her around, checking out her horses and watching her ride. One of the things that struck me about Crysta was her honesty, and up front nature. I thought to myself, now here is a woman who I can relate too! She answered all of our questions, and was even cheerful and bright with my human children. I noticed that all the stalls were immaculate, the barn aisle sweep, and every horse was shiny and fat as could be.

Boo has now been with Crysta from RwC for four months (1 month ground work 3 months under saddle), and every time, I come to see him I am just amazed. I stood in awe today as Crysta showed me how he is now loping solid under saddle. In just three short months, my boy walks, trot, canters and is learning haunch turns. Not only that but he is soft in the bridle and willing. Crysta has demonstrated his working trot, jog, and beautiful flowing extended trot, and his canter to stop transitions! And That’s not all !!! You should see him free lounge. He can do walk to canter transitions , canter to stop transitions, stop to trot transitions just by voice commands and not even a lounge line! He even turns around on the slightest body language que’s from Crysta. 4 months ago I could barely lead him into the barn, and now this!!! Just Amazing!!!

I then rode him today (only my second time on him) somehow Crysta always knows the right things to say. I get so nervous, even though he is my baby, and I have faith in Crysta, she still walks me through things step, by little baby step. I never feel like an idiot for being nervous. She even MADE me trot him today, (after a 10 minute “battle” with me using the word “no” in many different ways) I was so happy that I finally listened to her, because when I was done my heart was singing. I was riding my boy!

Boo will continue on with Crysta through the winter, as I strongly desire to trail ride him all next year, who knows, maybe even a little show or two. I will be sure to update you with his progress as well as my faith in this amazing woman. We truly love you Crysta!

Crystal Heath and Family

Sandy, OR

At the end of every lesson I come away with tired legs, added knowledge, and anticipation for my next lesson!~ Sarah Merrick

I have been taking lessons from Crysta for several months now and highly recommend her! Crysta challenges you to become a better rider every lesson. I really appreciate that she tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Crysta is just as good about letting you know when you’ve done something right as when you have something to work on. She is affordable and easy to schedule lessons with. Crysta’s horses are safe and well mannered, yet maintain their fun personalities! I also like that Crysta is safety conscious…not only does she make her students wear helmets, she does too.At the end of every lesson I come away with tired legs, added knowledge, and anticipation for my next lesson!

Crysta has given me so much great advice on working with horses. ~ Stefanie H.

Crysta has given me so much great advice on working with horses. Like a true coach, she always teaches with such vigor that it can not help but rub off on you even if you are having a not so enjoyable ride. I have found that she is not just a riding instructor, she goes above & beyond. She gives great advice on little exercises to work through problems, whether it’s the horse or myself that is having the issue. I look forward to my lessons as they keep me on track & give me positive re-enforcement for the time and effort I put into it. In the 3 months I have been riding with her I have improved tremendously in both my riding skills & understanding of horses.

Stefanie H.

Thankfully, I found Crysta~ Seleste

With a background in dance, I’ve experienced that awesome moment; when you are no longer an individual but an extension of someone else. Together you make a connection, communicate, lead and follow without words to create something beautiful in perfect harmony.

As a girl I was inspired with the beauty and strength of horses but never committed to pursuing the dream of ever learning how to ride. Never having spent much time around them I found their size intimidating to say the very least. Now that I am married, have two children and work part time it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Finding the time and energy in the evening to dance just wasn’t there anymore. Whatever happened to my dreams? I’ve been told that the same “moment” from dancing also can happen while riding a horse. My next step was finding someone who could help accomplish my dream while also overcoming my fear.

Before coming to Crysta my riding experience consisted of seven lessons. The horse I was riding spooked fairly easily. Luckily I kept my seat. However, as I was back in my car on my way home the fear and anxiety was still there. After I got off the horse I wasn’t convinced that I ever wanted to get back on. I thought, ”Why am I doing this again?” With each ride after that the fear continued to mount. I needed to find a place to ride on a horse that was relaxed and dependable.

Thankfully, I found Crysta. She was able to hear where I was coming from. Not only was she sympathetic to my fears but she also found the patience to help me start from the ground up again. I am continually impressed and comforted by her knowledge with horses and riding. I appreciate her honesty. She knows when to push and when to back off. Between Crysta and “Donnie” (one of the lesson horses) I am learning how to both ride and trust. Learning new things as an adult can be especially frustrating while at the same time humbling as well. I value both Crysta’s dedication and encouragement.

I have also been very fortunate that Crysta is able and willing to work with me around a busy schedule for price that can’t be matched. Who knows how far I’ll go. One thing is for certain; I am looking forward to that special “moment” when some of Crysta’s and my hard work finally pays off.

“An excellent instructor, she focuses on you as an individual” — Angie D.

“Crysta is an excellent instructor, she focuses on you as an individual, and doesn’t push you into something you are not comfortable with doing. Crysta doesn’t like to hear “I can’t”, but rather, “I will try.” My daughter and I have been taking lessons from her for about 5 months now, and have improved so much. I thought I would never get back on a horse again after my accident. I lost a lot of confidence, and became really gunshy around horses, but Crysta has brought back that trust. Crysta will work with you and take you as far as you want to go in your endeavors. Her schooling horses are very well cared for, and exceptionally well behaved. I highly recommend her!”

~Angie Delk~

Down-to-earth style, and a commitment to safety — Kate & Sabrina

“We had been looking for safe, affordable riding lessons for our 8 year old daughter for several months. We found Crysta on Craigslist and decided to check her out. Right away we liked her down-to-earth style and comfort level dealing with our somewhat impulsive child. We were reassured by her obvious commitment to safety. She insists on safety equipment at all times and is very clear about safe and appropriate behavior in and around the barn. Her lesson animals are impressive in their temperament and training.

Crysta has high expectations for her students and acts as a teacher/coach to help them reach those expectations. We have been with her for over 2 months now and our child has made personal gains in physical strength, self-confidence, independence, listening, following directions, responsibility and risk taking (the good kind , that have extended into her school and home life. She recognizes these improvements and has commented to other kids who struggle that perhaps they should take riding lessons!

When asked to give input to this testimonial, my daughter said, “Crysta is supportive and works really hard to take care of the animals. She has really nice horses.”‘

~ Kate & Sabrina Skinner~

“I am so glad I started riding here!” — Bonnie L.

I’ve been riding my whole life and have taken lessons from several different people, including my coaches for the intercollegiate equestrian team at OSU and someone that shows Arabians at the national level and Riding with Class has been my favorite. I was skeptical that someone who charges so little for lessons and leases could be so awesome, but I haven’t been disappointed.

Crysta is really flexible with lesson times and has an open line of communication. A lot of other barns I’ve ridden at have you stick to a schedule, are difficult to get a hold of, and don’t really take the time to chat with you about your short and long term goals. Not to mention it costs almost as much to take weekly lessons at most other barns as it does to lease one of Crysta’s horses that you can ride whenever you want! Crysta is easy to get a hold of and regularly reevaluates your skills and how you are doing with the horse that you are riding.

I’m very satisfied with Riding with Class and am so glad I started riding here!

-Bonnie Lane

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